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1.) Chaper 12 The chapter says that marketers don’t understand buyers, the problems buyers face, or how their product helps solve these problems. Marketers are buyers as well, though, so how is it they do not understand buyers?
2.) Chapter 13 The author talks about open source marketing model.  I was still confused about SugarCRM.  Can anyone explain in more detail about what SugarCRM actually is?

3.)The tipping point reading guide.  What is so important of the power of context the author keeps talking about?

I’m So Totally, Digitally Close to You.

Question: What are some other examples of what social scientists call, “ambient awareness”?

Facebook Attracting More of an Older Crowd.

Question: Do you think the percentage of younger people joining Facebook will decrease due to more older people joining now?

The Message is the Message

Question: Do you think President Obama is looked down upon for being involved with too much media, for example, do you think people look down on Obama for spending all this time on Talk shows instead of dealing with more important things in office?

You Might Not Love the New Facebook, But Brands Should

Question: I hardly notice the ads and branding on Facebook.  Do people really even notice and get annoyed by the ads on Facebook?

New Facebook Pages: A Guide for Social Media Marketers.

Question: Is there any studies or proof that the new design on Facebook Business pages has increased sales or helped companies more?

Ch. 19 I personally don’t like how just anyone can have facebook. What are some positive and negative outcomes of anyone, and not just college students, being able to join the social networking site?

1.)  Chapter 7  What do you think would happen to the company if doesn’t energize at all? Do you think the company will ultimatley fail?


2.) Chapter 8 Do you really think groundwell support is that much better than the traditional support of actually being more face to face or actually talking on the phone to the company?

1.) In the article, Iran, the Citizen Media and Media Attention, How do you think the election of Obama would have been different if the same issues with social media that are going on in Iran were happening in the US?

2.)In the article, Doubting Twitter, don’t you think that if the Iranians aren’t able to use Twitter to start protests, they will find many other ways to get people together to protest?

3.)In the article, Can Media Profict From Twitter’s Big Week, do you think some journalists that work for newspapers or news stations will lose their jobs due to all the news stories on twitter and the internet that are better than the journalists’?

4.) In the article, Is Twitter the New CNN of the New Media Generation, do you think that there will be more false news stories due to journalists finding some of their news on Twitter?

1.) In Shirky’s article, he talks about Ontology.  I have never even heard of this term.  Is it really that important, and he doesn’t really  give a good definition of what it actually means?

2.)In the article about Folksonomies, the author talks about all the positive aspects of folksonomies.  Do you think folksonomies have any negative outcomes?

3.) In the article, Tagging and why it matters, doesn’t it make you think that in the next few years there is going to be way too much of tagging going on that it will start to become confusing?

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